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Chandler Christie

Chandler Christie

Born in May 1995, Chandler Christie grew up in Nanton, Alberta where his interest in creative writing flourished from an interest in general science fiction. After graduating, he was inspired to enroll at MRU to develop his authorial skills, with the intent of becoming published in the future. Having already completed the honours’ seminar. He currently has several other works in progress that he hopes to have published in the years to come. Chandler is grateful that his academic studies have enable this creative freedom to express why creative expression is important in the modern media landscape. He currently lives in Calgary, close of his family who have been supportive of his creative endeavours.

Latest Writings


The Memory Bank

“The Lower Nu-Manhattan Memory Bank is a proud subsidiary of Cortex. Cortex: We don’t just preserve your memories, we cherish them!” The slogan boomed out across the street as the building’s massive screen illuminated all of the passers-by walking past. Rain cascaded down between the neon lights of the city square, scattering the neon light from the billboard in a haze all around the denizens of the city.

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