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Caden Breen

Caden Breen

Caden Breen is an emerging author and poet. Who is currently pursuing a degree in English. Born and raised in Calgary, Caden’s literary journey was cemented at the age of twelve. When he won the Calgary Turning Points essay award. These days, Caden can be found writing works regarding the human experience and all the complications that come with it. Generally, the context of his work ranges from nuances of early twenties mental health to the socio-economic state of the world. When Caden isn’t writing, he enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and his dogs Jersey and Patrick. As well as listening to a wide range of contemporary rap music and playing Rugby. Having played since he was just six years old.

You can find more of Caden’s work, and contact him at his website www.cadenswords.ca.

Latest Writings


a leather booth in the corner of a club.

Sweat, cologne and floor dried liquor consumed my nose.
The strobe lights pounded my pupils, contracting and expressing in every strobe.
My arms rest against the formerly sticky counter as a I wait my turn to inebriate.
Our booth hadn’t changed a bit.

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it sucked ngl

This is dedicated to:
The walls, who watched over me.
The screens, that washed my dirty face.
The darkness, which soothed my leaking and inflamed eyes.
The sadness, that sanitized the wounds within.
For your contributions, they will never be forgotten.

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Cosmic Betrayal

In the darkness of my bedroom at four in the morning, I spoke softy to god. Whispering the pain that plotted my consciousness.
Choked breaths, through the moments that replayed in my minds eye.
Salted tears snaked down my face into the corners of my mouth.

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The Love Within Every Second

A grey tube snakes across the city.
The metal carriage shakes in every turn.
Packed bodies on benches suit for a hospital.

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Rapped in Love

Rapped In Love
Drive, Gas,
Broke, Drive,
Brakes, Work,
Walk, Sit,

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