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Danaë Webb

Danaë Webb

Danaë Webb was born in South Africa before immigrating to the city of Calgary in the late 2000’s. She is an avid reader, aspiring writer, and is currently working towards a BA in English at Mount Royal University in Calgary. She hopes to become an editor after attaining her degree. She enjoys classic and contemporary literature, Greek mythology and artwork, as well as many other creative pursuits such as, music, photography and dance. Danaë’s writings are examinations of girlhood, identity, religion, the mundane human experience and dissections of her life as a third-culture kid.

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think twice before you say, stargirl;
you may not be ready.
her name slurs from the lips of broken souls,
a question that tastes likes champagne in their mouths
a burning fire to warm their numb, blue fingers.

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Dreams of a Mulberry Tree

I dream of the lone mulberry tree again, the green hue of its leaves strikingly bright against the same desolate landscape, alive in the barren and cold arctic atmosphere, domed-sky tinted grey.

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Bearing Fruit

Perpetually fixed, perfectly placed in the
ripeness of summer,
forever teetering on the cusp on June and July;
The body is heavy, flushed, rife - youthfully fertile and
yielding younglings monthly
tenderly sweet, thickly rich as
they dangle from outstretched limbs;

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Vaporous coils of smoke twisted and wafted around the glistening marble pavilion, permeating the air with the sweet aroma of rose that emanated from the copper bowl squatting in a corner of the room. Braziers blazed throughout the pavilion, casting a warm and comforting glow around the room.

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