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Eduardo Picazo

Eduardo Picazo

Eduardo Picazo is a very handsome 23 year old student currently studying English at Mount Royal University. An amateur and aspiring writer, he hopes to further develop and publish his current work-in-progress “Apotheosis: Death of the Maven” and an unnamed story about a robot lawn gnome. His inspirations come from the things he loves: stories and mediums of stories. Video games, movies, books and tabletop RPGs are all things Eduardo happily does. When he is not studying the things he likes and procrastinating any sort of work (including writing), he is partaking in said things he likes. The writer of this blurb would like to iterate how handsome and talented this fellow is, with no bias whatsoever.

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Excerpts from Apotheosis: Death of the Maven

It should have been a pleasant sunset before the eve of the Forefathers. The young Trev had become a man now, bringing to the village a large boar. They were to celebrate the escape from the horrible Eledin, The Blacklights. A hundred years had passed since that day, during which the tribe had battled greenskins, monsters and even other tribes to survive.

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