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Jana Tzanakos

Jana Tzanakos

Jana Tzanakos is originally from Saskatchewan, SK, but has lived in Calgary, AB for nearly ten years now. She is a mother in her last year at Mount Royal University, majoring in an English Honours Degree and minoring in Creative Writing. In her first year, Jana won the Literary Kaleidoscope Society Award. She has been published in wordcitylit.ca and in a project by Natalie Meisner called This Might Help (thismighthelp.ca). She was shortlisted for FREEFALL Magazine’s Annual Prose and Poetry Contest 2023. Jana loves spending time with her family, playing pinball, exercising on the treadmill in her pajamas, and taking trips out to the mountains even though she’s still terrified of bears. Jana believes that writing is a form of healing and a great way to analyze things that are difficult to overcome or confront. She has been a part of the Creative Writing Club, Write Club, and the Film and English Student Society at MRU.

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pull me away
I can’t handle the world right now
like I’m supposed to, like I used to
I can’t pretend right now as well
as I’m used to

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