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Liza Pamintuan

Liza Pamintuan

Liza is a first-year psychology student with a big love for writing. She often spends her free time creating self-indulgent works, original fiction and poetry. She loves to create works where she can see herself in them, either with sapphic relationships or parts of her Filipino heritage. They cannot wait to share their work with their peers and everyone else who will listen!

Latest Writings


Four Seasons

“Four Seasons” is a heartwarming and emotional story about two teenage girls, Flora and Rose, meet at the library and quickly become close. As the seasons change, the two go on adventures and spend time together, but as they grow closer, tensions rise and their relationship is tested.

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Please understand I am not what you want.
‘What is a dream’ they ask of you. What is it that your heart desires?
And you imagine me.

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