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Marcus Vertodazo

Marcus Vertodazo

Mark (Marcus) Vertodazo is a Filipino-Canadian born in Calgary and raised within the South East neighborhoods of Forest Lawn. He is a full time student at Mount Royal University, majoring in Sociology while pursuing a minor in Creative Writing. Creatively, he identifies first as a Spoken Word Poet. He is also currently the VP of Outreach and Relations for MRU’s Write Club. In his free time, Marcus spends his days getting lost in random neighborhoods on his skateboard, loitering in libraries and bookstores, and binge listening to an artist’s entire discography. His overall dream is to become an officially recognized poet laureate.

Latest Writings


In Another Life (Daisy Chain)

You and I
were once the two separate sides
of the same electrical cord;
often tangled between each other,
building knots and kneading bundles of bridges
on top cedar, oak and birch floorboards.

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Brunch @ 5pm (Before Mom Gets Home From Work)

My favorite depression meal starts with me
briskly snatching a cream-coloured ceramic bowl
from the bottom stack of mis-matched plates and tupperware,
collectable hand-me downs from the other Filipino families
spread across Forest Lawn to Falconridge and beyond,
buried deep in the back of the carob cupboard.

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A Witness of Sublime

Last week after class
I chose to loiter in Downtown till dusk,
lazily cruising circles on top of my skateboard.
I chose to avoid the upcoming campus crowds
of students cramming for their semester finals
and watched hordes of suited polyester
force themselves into full-capacity C-Trains.

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