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Neamat Ahmed

Neamat Ahmed

Neamat Ahmed, aged 19, is currently immersed in her second year of Public Relations studies. From her earliest ability to wield a pen, writing has been her sanctuary. Within the realm of language, she discovers her greatest freedom, assembling her thoughts with finesse. While Neamat finds solace in romantic tales and prose adorned with happy endings, her pen gravitates toward the complexities of human emotion beyond the confines of romance. She believes that crafting narratives rooted in reality, when executed skillfully, possesses an enthralling allure.

Refusing to confine herself to a single genre, Neamat revels in the challenge of exploring diverse storytelling avenues. One particular piece she has penned delves into the sensation of displacement and the longing for companionship—a theme she believes deserves greater exploration. In her writing journey, Neamat seeks not only to captivate but to offer insights into the less-examined facets of human experience. She extends her hopes that readers will find resonance and enjoyment within her words.

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Sins Of Sorrow And Sorrows Of Sin

This world is unforgiving. That is the first ever thing Marco learned. He learned that the world we live in offers redemption to only those who can afford it and laughs in the faces of those who can’t. Marco was an interesting kid to say the least, in school while students were outside playing on the playground, he would sit back and observe each and every kid.

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