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Natasha Arlyne Day Tamez

Natasha Arlyne Day Tamez

Natasha was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. When she was 14, she went to boarding school in Texas to learn English, following that, she moved to Calgary and finished high school here. She an amazing partner, Francisco, and her daughter is the love of her life, Amèlie.

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Across the Pool

The clock strikes 8:17 as I am sitting on the cool stool at our local bar. The bartenders are busy with angry drunks who don’t want to go home. The tables are mostly empty except for old men that slowly drink their sorrows away. The news is playing on the TV in the background. Another missing child. “Stella Davis, thirteen years of age, 5ft 3 and sporting short brunette hair, last seen wearing a baby blue polo shirt and blue jeans” is what they said. The picture the reporters used for her missing person poster makes her look strikingly beautiful. She has now been missing for approximately three days.

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