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Cosmic Betrayal

Cosmic Betrayal

In the darkness of my bedroom at four in the morning, I spoke softy to god. Whispering the pain that plotted my consciousness.
Choked breaths, through the moments that replayed in my minds eye.
Salted tears snaked down my face into the corners of my mouth.

In my conclusion I waited for a sign,
but figured these things take time.

Minutes grew up into months,
I grew up into bitterness.

God must’ve been out grabbing milk.
Or maybe my letter got lost in the mail.
The omnipresent wouldn’t ignore me.
Surely they knew how much I needed them.

I can’t remember anything from before I was born,
must be the same after I die.

In complete dedication to the betrayal,
I dug gods grave in the darkness of a yard at four in the morning.

The yards mud fell off my hands into the sink.
The sun rose, exposing the dirt mound grave amongst the mowed grass.
Morning maroon light stained the window, soaking my skin red. The new day, brought me new peace and vengeance.