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Could You, Would you, Will you?

Could You, Would you, Will you?

if every blade of grass had a significant purpose,
would you be more cautious with every step?
if every ray of sun lead to cancer,
would you hide away forever?

if every circumstance with an “ if “ in front of it happened,
would the world be a bit more chaotic, if at all possible?
would the dare devils ever dare,
would the cautious go over the edge to become obsessive compulsive?

if you had just one chance to change,
would you take it?
if you had the opportunity to effect someone’s life in a positive way,
resulting you to have a shred of misfortune,
would you do it?

if your heart was once broken,
would that keep you from loving ever again?
would you let that destruction of one love,
destroy YOU for the rest of your life?

this is all hypothetically speaking,
but if we speak hypothetically,
could just one shift, one change, one difference in attitude,
go a long way?
have a significant impact?
because you have the chance..
WILL you allow yourself to make the difference?