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He heard the joke,
But missed the subtle tone.
With no understanding of sarcasm.
Unable to empathize with an insecurity being struck.
He heard, but didn’t understand.

She noticed the poster.
But missed the hidden message.
The embedded double entendre undiscovered.
Not taught yet to see other meanings.
She noticed, but didn’t understand.

They saw the facial expression,
But it was misinterpreted.
They didn’t know the conveyed emotion.
Couldn’t identify the feelings underlying.
They saw, but didn’t understand.

The touch was felt.
But assumed harmless.
Trust misplaced.
The act recognized by family and friends,
Unable to distinguish the difference.
It was felt, but they didn’t understand.

Impressionability taken for granted.
Lessons untaught.
Assumptions of knowing.
Oversight of conversations needed.
The weight of explanations untold…

The children need us, but we didn’t understand.