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startled by the buzzing alarm
but not enough to get up
class in an hour
sleeps two more

rolling over, looking at the time
accepting the repeated defeat
groaning and stretching
everything out of place

hobble over to the dresser
down the pre sorted pharmacy
crawl to the bathroom to rid last nights dehydration
warm frozen bones under running water

pour a bowl of stale cereal and stare
too nauseous to eat
too hungry to not
distract with neuron numbing news

slide back into bed
unmade, unchanged
contemplate what to do with the day
class is already over

laundry begging to be folded
days old with grandma wrinkles
hair asking to be brushed
but the sparrows like their new home

the acid ache spreading through every vein
get up to grab the pills
candy coated and addictive
a worthless endeavor

three in the afternoon only four hours awake
drifting off to a neglected show
waking up unrested and confused
laptop and mind dead

trying to get up again
but slippery sockets don’t hold very tight
with shaky breathe and anticipated pain
joints find where they belong

finally time to wash off the weeks failure
water burning red snakes into gray purple skin
time loses meaning and body loses feeling
stiff fingers cant wash oil slicked hair

only leaving the numbing steam
when the ice cuts too deep
shivering into an unwashed towel
left dripping wet and hopeless

messy bed calling
empty stomach rumbling
pre packaged protein
to end another unsuccessful day

body craving sleep
mind needing distraction
heavy head finally getting rest only to be
startled by the buzzing alarm