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The Love Within Every Second

The Love Within Every Second

A grey tube snakes across the city.
The metal carriage shakes in every turn.
Packed bodies on benches suit for a hospital.

The love of my life just walked by.

I’m silently scrolling, seeing what new music releases tonight.
The same artist i’ve been listening to since 16 fills my ears.
My leg bounces in anxiety.

In another life, I would stand up.
I would’ve walked over, made sure to not bother you.
I would’ve tried to say something clever.
Emphasis on tried,
as somethings are consistent across time and space.

I would’ve been absolutely honest.
You are genuinely stunning, and I would hate myself next stop for not saying something.
A story that could be shared in the orange radiance of summer night skies.
As the sky turns dark,
under the glow of faded exposed bulbs, hanging from the wooden awning.
Cider would grace my lips, as I smiled in remembrance of a city train seat.

Still my phone rests in my palm.
My legs switch in rhythm.
My stop approaches.