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Ryan Norris

Ryan Norris

Ryan Richard Norris was born and raised in Calgary Alberta, living there all his life except for a year abroad with his family in the Dominican Republic and a year long trip as a missionary in Florida. Ryan reads fantasy, but won’t say no to anything he finds that is compelling, interesting or fun. He has played sports all his life, starting with hockey, a brief stint as a lacrosse goalie that ended before he wanted it to, and now has played rugby for the last five years. This is his first real attempt at writing a novel, having written many short stories and poems before this. His inspirations lie in authors such as Brandon Sanderson, Terry Goodkind, Christopher Paolini, Agatha Christie, and many more.

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The Heartbreakers Guide to a Whirlwind Romance

Welcome fresh unmolded mind. If you decided to pick up this book it probably means you’re lonely, young, and too naive to know what’s good for you. If that’s the case, then you’re already in a great position to be starting your whirlwind romance!

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