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The Second Coming of J. Alfred Prufrock (To Love More Competently)

I snapped a picture of you the other day when you weren’t looking
capturing the entirety of your face
as you lay oblivious and a victim
incarcerating the elegant flare of
your cheekbones

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Four Seasons

“Four Seasons” is a heartwarming and emotional story about two teenage girls, Flora and Rose, meet at the library and quickly become close. As the seasons change, the two go on adventures and spend time together, but as they grow closer, tensions rise and their relationship is tested.

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I’m stuck here, staring over the edge
I am my freedom, that was my pledge
Why can’t I just

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Homesteading (i miss you)

Holding sunburnt breath, across bow valley
i thread & braid for the first time,
yr only acres away, across bow trail
    ought i stand up from my desk? reach across chasm & confess?

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The Lover's Scooter Ride

Under the late moon,
Would it be cozy or small?
you drove me with the scooter,
Like the way your write poems,
for trips to 7-Eleven,
in Moleskine notebooks,
it was two in the morning,
the profound way you use words,
with stationery;

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Yeah I listen to Anarcho Punk, Why'd Ya Ask?

I went to college like a bird swimming
like a woman burning in the 1700s
or like an atheist rising
I cut my nails like a narcissist killing himself
as if I’m a vampire taking a stake to the heart

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Street Lights

I don’t let myself drive past dark
The black sky
Dozing off through passing lights.

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My Writing Process

The craft of writing, detailing how exactly to go from a simple and disorderly idea to a completed and coherent piece. here are many steps to this process — from brainstorms to an outline, from drafting to revisions, until you have something publishable. Writing is a mysterious and elusive artform. Whether it’s technical, creative, or copy — good writing contains something that cannot be taught.

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