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The Authors of MRU's Write Club

Photo of Ben Curtis

Ben Curtis

Ben is a Filipino-Canadian student from Calgary, Alberta currently enrolled in their second year at MRU in the Criminal Justice program. They are an avid hockey fan and have experience as a hockey blogger reporting on the Nashville Predators. They write both fiction and poetry, including an in progress horror novel set in northern BC. Their inspirations include Ann Patchett, Yiyun Li, and Mary Shelley.

Photo of Benjamin Urquhart

Benjamin Urquhart

Ben is Treasurer of the Write Club, and a second year English student at Mount Royal University. He was born in Hong Kong in 2002, and lived there for a year until his family returned to Calgary. He mainly writes fiction, and enjoys a variety of genres, particularly fantasy, epics, science fiction, and anything to do with mythology. In his spare time, Ben enjoys reading, writing, film/television, games, and exercise.

Photo of Campton Hancock

Campton Hancock

Campton Hancock is the Vice President of Social Media and Marketing for the Write Club, and is an aspiring novelist most often recognized for her short stories about family, dystopia, and disfunction. Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Campton is a public relations practitioner by day and a deeply reflective creator by night. Read more about Campton’s work on her WordPress.

Photo of Constance Yu

Constance Yu

Connie Yu is a 26-year-old poet, Secretary of the Write Club, and social worker aiding the vulnerable population, residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She currently pursues a degree in sociology at Mount Royal University. Along with her love for poetry, Connie enjoys capturing the beauty of the world through photography. Her poems often reflect her many observations on the human experience and the emotions that come with it. Yu dedicates her life to helping people and animals of all kinds. When she isn’t writing, Yu enjoys art galleries, rock climbing, and very long baths.

Photo of Danaë Webb

Danaë Webb

Danaë Webb was born in South Africa before immigrating to the city of Calgary in the late 2000’s. She is an avid reader, aspiring writer, and is currently working towards a BA in English at Mount Royal University in Calgary. She hopes to become an editor after attaining her degree. She enjoys classic and contemporary literature, Greek mythology and artwork, as well as many other creative pursuits such as, music, photography and dance. Danaë’s writings are examinations of girlhood, identity, religion, the mundane human experience and dissections of her life as a third-culture kid.

Photo of Eduardo Picazo

Eduardo Picazo

Eduardo Picazo is a very handsome 23 year old student currently studying English at Mount Royal University. An amateur and aspiring writer, he hopes to further develop and publish his current work-in-progress “Apotheosis: Death of the Maven” and an unnamed story about a robot lawn gnome. His inspirations come from the things he loves: stories and mediums of stories. Video games, movies, books and tabletop RPGs are all things Eduardo happily does. When he is not studying the things he likes and procrastinating any sort of work (including writing), he is partaking in said things he likes. The writer of this blurb would like to iterate how handsome and talented this fellow is, with no bias whatsoever.

Photo of Em Brown

Em Brown

Em is Vice President of Innovation and Outreach for Write club, and is a non-binary, queer, proudly disabled human being. They have been writing poetry in some form since the fifth grade. They have always used poetry as a way “to better understand myself, the world around me, and how I fit into said world.”

Photo of Emma Ward

Emma Ward

Photo of Farheen Agoro

Farheen Agoro

Photo of Felix Da Costa Gomez

Felix Da Costa Gomez

Felix is a Canadian writer originally from Venezuela who is currently in their second year of an English degree. Their dream is to become an author, which they plan to pursue more vigorously once they have completed their academic studies. Felix’s focus is on fiction pieces, with their latest work in progress being a Western trilogy set in both the American Northwest and Southwestern Canada spanning from the 1880s to the late 1910s. In addition to writing fiction, Felix has also recently discovered a newfound respect for poetry as an art form to express emotions, drawing on personal life experiences such as anarchy, reminiscence, and adolescent shenanigans.

Photo of G. C. McKay

G. C. McKay

McKay (any pronouns) identifies as Genderfluid. They are currently a General Science major with a passion for art and poetic writing.

Photo of Jordan Zubot

Jordan Zubot

Photo of B. Kenneth Brown

B. Kenneth Brown

Kenneth Brown is the President of the Write Club, and is a queer Métis writer and open-source web developer. He’s always looking for ways to empower marginalized voices, emphasize stories that matter, and create long-lasting community. He loves researching and writing a wide variety of genre, from poetry to creative non-fiction. If you think he can help you with a new opportunity, or you just wanna chat over a cup of decaf coffee. don’t be afraid to shoot him an e-mail at: mail@brennanbrown.ca

Photo of Levi Lewko

Levi Lewko

Levi Lewko is a Canadian writer born and raised in the Canadian Prairies. He is currently working towards a degree in history, a topic which he is deeply passionate about. He is an avid writer who has a fondness for writing fiction; especially westerns and fantasy set in historically inspired settings. Levi’s works often employ humour and a lighthearted, whimsical tone to provide the reader with an enjoyable experience.

Photo of Liza Pamintuan

Liza Pamintuan

Liza is a first-year psychology student with a big love for writing. She often spends her free time creating self-indulgent works, original fiction and poetry. She loves to create works where she can see herself in them, either with sapphic relationships or parts of her Filipino heritage. They cannot wait to share their work with their peers and everyone else who will listen!

Photo of Natasha Arlyne Day Tamez

Natasha Arlyne Day Tamez

Natasha was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. When she was 14, she went to boarding school in Texas to learn English, following that, she moved to Calgary and finished high school here. She an amazing partner, Francisco, and her daughter is the love of her life, Amèlie.

Photo of Ryan Norris

Ryan Norris

Ryan Richard Norris was born and raised in Calgary Alberta, living there all his life except for a year abroad with his family in the Dominican Republic and a year long trip as a missionary in Florida. He is married to a beautiful young woman named Renae, and the two have been married for almost a year and a half. Ryan reads fantasy, but won’t say no to anything he finds that is compelling, interesting or fun. He has played sports all his life, starting with hockey, a brief stint as a lacrosse goalie that ended before he wanted it to, and now has played rugby for the last five years. This is his first real attempt at writing a novel, having written many short stories and poems before this. His inspirations lie in authors such as Brandon Sanderson, Terry Goodkind, Christopher Paolini, Agatha Christie, and many more.